As I was struggling to get comfortable and go to sleep last night, the Christmas carol, “God Rest You Merry Gentlemen” started playing in my head. Over and over I listened to the words about the blessings of comfort and joy. They ended up lulling me to sleep and for the first time that I can remember, I actually slept through the entire night without waking up until the morning. This was a blessing, so refreshing, and I am so thankful!

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

God has really been talking to me a lot about rest, comfort, and what distinguishes His from the world’s. I am on a journey as every day He seems to show me more and more about entering His comfort, His rest. I am also thankful for His guidance, His teaching. It is always so exciting and encouraging. Every new verse that opens up to speak to me in a deeper way, every song, conversation with a friend, message, or even challenge around this topic right now gets me so stirred up, but also so convicted. I know I have a ways to grow in this area. I also know that with the help of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, a work will be done in me as I dig deeper and deeper into these topics.