I drove to the second pump to see if that one would work. I was in a rush! My scheduled block to deliver packages and food was about to start and I didn’t want to ruin my rating. Ugh, No gas again! The least the station could have done is put up a sign or something. At about a quarter tank left, I knew that would not last me through an entire shift. I decided to try one last pump but was met with the same results. Resolutely, I drove down the road and go to another station, even though I had a discount at this one. 

The Problem

As I sat at the light stressing out on how I was going to get all the things done I needed to do before my shift, I looked around to my nice clean car. My son had detailed it for me as a Christmas gift, one that I asked explicitly for as I hated cleaning my car in the hot Florida sun. He cleaned all the trash out for me and extra things that had accumulated over the past month or so. Wait. It was too, clean. Like missing some things clean. Oh, no! My masks!

Especially now, places were getting stricter and not letting me in without a mask. I rummaged through my purse looking to see if I still had an extra in there. Nope. I needed to stop and get a mask as I didn’t have time to return home. So, for the next 30 minutes, I drove from gas station to gas station looking for masks and gas. Everyone one was out of masks, but most had gas. I was frustrated. I was admittedly angry. I was over it. 

The Best Solution

In a moment of frustrated surrender, I prayed a prayer of help and surrender and turned on my apps to start work, not knowing how I would be able to without the required mask. I started towards home still running the app when my first offer came in. It was one that wasn’t very common, but I knew it was divinely given to me when I saw it. A local drug store.

Walgreens will have masks! I shopped of customer and saw the display as I passed by to the check out. Several masks. I grabbed a pack quickly and cashed out my customer and then myself. My moment of crisis and frustration was done. In a matter of minutes of me surrendering the problem to God, He solved it. 

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears.

Psalms 34:4

The Blessing

In the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty incredible to believe that the God of the entire universe heard my angry and simple cry for help. He listened as I surrendered my ability to fix the issue myself and told Him I would completely rely on Him to fix the problem. He heard my cry and answered me immediately! 

So often I hear people say they don’t want to bother God, because their problem isn’t as big as so and so’s. Not true! He cares about the little things, too. He is a Father to us and knows how weak we are. Just as most parents will answer their children’s simple cries for help, He will also answer ours! And to think, if I just had gone to Him immediately, I would have saved 30 minutes of me panicking and being frustrated.