What does it mean to take communion in an unworthy manner? Have you ever just gone through the motions while taking communion? Maybe you took the time to confess all your sins so you wouldn’t take it in an unworthy manner. 

Crystal briefly shares a summary of a dream she had about communion and invites you into the journey she’s on about going deeper in understanding communion and what it is to be. 

 Welcome back to Renewed and Redeemed. This is episode 19. 

 I was wondering how many of you have gone to a memorial service or a wake, or celebration of life where a person gets up and starts confessing all kinds of things. I lied last week to my boss, and I ran a red light yesterday and on and on and on. And then you look over and the mother of the person that passed away is playing candy crush on her phone. And then Uncle Bill gets up and he’s got a hat in his hands. He starts walking around through the seats, collecting money, and then you see him walk out the door. 

And another person walks in with a beer in their hand. And it was like, woo-hoo. I love free booze. This is awesome. And they’re completely drunk. Have you witnessed something like that? I mean, I’ve been to some services, but I haven’t quite seen anything like that. What would you think about that type of service? 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream and God really started. Just speaking to me. Over the next couple of weeks about how we take communion. I’ll just give a brief overview of my dream. There was a couple of sick people in bed and then an adjoining room where some people were about to take communion. 

 The leaders, they were trying to convince the people to confess sin and they started singing “Just as I am without One Plea.” And in the dream, I started feeling really upset. And. Convicted. I was standing in between the room where the two sick people in bed were. And the room where the communion was happening and I was observing, but then I went into the room where the communion was happening. And I started to try to sing worship songs and praise songs to God. 

And the leaders or like, no stop. Don’t do that. That’s not appropriate. And they put an onto it and asked me to leave. 

And then I kind of like woke up a little bit, but I was still sleeping. It was like a half awake, half sleep state. And I really felt Holy Spirit, just talking to me about it and asking me. When do I see a memorial service like the one I described to you when I opened up this episode. 

And He said communion is about remembering and celebrating Jesus and what He did for us. 

 From the beginning of time, satan has taken one little thing. Like a Bible verse or something and twisted it. And tried to mix it together and feed it to us as the truth, but it’s actually not. 

I’m going to show you basically what I felt like Holy Spirit was telling me. I understand that some people may not agree with me. And that’s okay. I still love you. I just felt like I was supposed to share this. So, you do with it, what you would like. 

 What I call the first meal, but it was probably actually more like the first snack that was recorded in the Bible was back in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Satan came to Eve and twisted God’s words about not eating the fruit and why. And basically, she realized that she wanted more. And she started focusing on her lack and what was wrong with her. So, she decided to eat the fruit. The focus of that first snack was all about what’s wrong with me. It was an inward focus. And that was the result of satan taking something and twisting the truth. 

I mean, let’s be honest. It doesn’t take much for us to be convinced to make something about us. I mean, we as humans, love making everything about us and that’s exactly what we see in the garden. I believe it’s something that he is attempting to do with common practices of communion today.

In first Corinthians 11, where it talks about not taking the Lord’s supper in an unworthy manner and how some people are just using it as an opportunity to eat and get drunk. And while this is going on, they’re still fighting with each other. 

I think the Bible is very clear in Matthew five, that if we have an offense with a brother or sister, we’re supposed to deal with that before we come to the alter. So, this isn’t really something new that special just pertaining to the Lord’s Supper

Just like the scenario that I opened up with, the people were behaving in an unworthy manner during that Memorial service, they were not honoring to the person that passed away or to the family. 

Unworthy means not deserving effort, attention, or respect. 

It means having a little value or merit. 

There’s just some type of behaviors that aren’t appropriate. I believe that we should follow the example of Jesus. When He led communion with the disciples. And guess what. There were people there taking communion that had a lot of sin in their life. I mean Judas to communion with them. 

Jesus hadn’t died and rose again yet becoming the propitiation for our sin. So basically, everybody there was full of sin that was taking communion besides Jesus 

A lot of Jewish celebrations are about remembering something that God has done for them. They were celebrating Passover at the moment, or the Feast of the Unleavened Bread and they were doing that in remembrance of what God had done for the Israelites taking them out of Egypt, it was a meal of. remembrance. 

But actually, a couple of days ago I was reading a passage in Exodus. 

 It was about the covenant between God and the Israelites after He had given Moses. The 10 commandments. I think it’s so interesting. It’s found in. 

It’s in an Exodus 24. And actually, the verse that really got to me was verse eight. 

It says the covenant between the Israelites and God was confirmed by sprinkling blood on the people. 

 I find that so interesting because. That’s so representative of the outside cleansing that the 10 commandments was to bring. It wasn’t going to change the people inside. It wasn’t gonna change them all together. It was just going to change their actions on the outside, the outside of the cup. 

Like hopefully making them behave better. But also, it’s representative of the fact that God’s presence at that time. Was just outward, like a visitation or even if He was with them, it was an outward thing.

But when we see Jesus here, sitting down with his disciples and saying, this is my blood, and this is my body. They were ingesting that; they were ingesting those things. And that was representative of the work that He through His death and resurrection was going to do on the inside of us. 

Completely changing us. A new creation in Christ. And that was a habitation because then Holy Spirit would be inside of us, with us all the time. And it was His job at that point to convict us, and to lead us.. 

So, I just found those two things so interesting with the old covenant, with the rules changing the outside. But then. Jesus coming and His blood and His body completely changing the playing field, where we now had Holy Spirit, Jesus inside of us. 

And changing us into something completely new, a new creation. 

He says in Luke 22 verse 19. And he took the bread, gave thanks, and broke it and gave it to them saying, this is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me. I believe that the focus of communion. Should be on the remembrance of Him.

He doesn’t say, do this remembrance of your sin. He says, do this in remembrance of me. And believe me, I. Full heartedly. Believe that when we come into the presence of God, That we are just going to be. Undone by how unworthy we are. 

Woe is me. I am undone for my lips are unclean. That is going to be. Just an overwhelming thought. 

 Communion should be a time of either personal, but also as the body of Christ together remembering what Jesus has done. It should be a time of thanksgiving and praise and worship. I don’t believe that it was ever supposed to be a focus of us. 

I believe that that’s a distraction. There are certain things that we should make sure that we’re coming and doing this in honor of him. Just like we would, if we were going to a memorial or a celebration of life. We wouldn’t be doing it to get free booze. We wouldn’t be doing it to see what we can just get out of it. 

I do believe that there are things available to us through taking of communion. And I’m not saying that we can’t come with expectation of those things. I’m just saying that those can’t be the first focus of what we get. Can’t just be consumers. 

 I’ve just been to a lot of different meetings where the focus has become extremely skewed. Where. There’s been all kinds of rules and regulations put into place. And I have to say honestly, that there’s been times where I’ve come into it and I kinda did it half-heartedly just going through the motions. 

Guess what. That’s coming in, in an unworthy manner. 

Going through the motions is not worthy of what Jesus did for us and who He is. That’s not worthy of me doing, if a family member passed away, Like I’m there to remember that person’s life and to honor that person’s life and comfort the family.

It would be unworthy of me just to come in drunk or trying to get something out of it or. Playing a video game or just getting up and telling everybody all the bad things I’ve done. It’s just ridiculous. That’s not what a Memorial service is. And there’s so much more to communion. And I’m just really scraping the top of it here. And I believe that the Lord is going to continue to reveal more and more things to us. 

I challenge you to seek Him more on it. It says, if we ask Him for wisdom that He will give it to us. So, I know that if we just seek Him and listen to Him and wait on Him. He will bring it to us.

But I just felt like I should share that dream that I had with you. 

There’s been some really weird teachings. I’m actually some people trying to control what goes on in communion. And I think that just puts burden on people. I think that we just need to go back to what the Bible says and just stick to that. Like the Bible does not require other people to be the judge of whether they think that we’re good enough or not to take communion. I just I think that we just need to get back and look at the actual Bible and what it says and stick to that.

I shared my dream. Just a brief overview of it. And just a couple of the things that were pointed out to me, but that’s not the end all. The dream wasn’t the end. That was just an invitation to keep going and diving deeper into His word and finding His truth in there. It was just an invitation to seek Him more. 

And I don’t know, that’s what I’m going to do. But I’m also going to start taking communion more at home and just remember Jesus and what He did for me. And what He did for all of us and His a love for us because that’s what sets us free. His love sets us free. And. We can be free from all those other things that have come down on us and we can be free from that sin that entangles us. 

When we just remember how good He is and what He has done for us. That sin and the desire is going to start just falling off on us. We do not have to get squeaky clean before we come to Him. I hope that that said somebody free here. 

 You should come in and worthy manner and in a respectful and honoring manner, but you should come with praise and thanksgiving. Focusing on Him, Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. 

God you are so worthy. And we are so unworthy. I think you for bridging that gap between us by sending Jesus. We just praise you God. We thank you. We thank you for everything that you’ve done for us. We thank you for setting us free. From sin and death. We ask for wisdom. And deeper revelation about. Communion. The Lord’s supper. You are supper. And deeper communion relationship with you. 

I thank you that if we confess our sin, You are faithful to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I thank you that you don’t remember our sin anymore, that we don’t need to keep dwelling on it and bringing it back up. That instead of spending so much time focusing on what we’ve done wrong, we can focus on what you’ve done, right for us, God. And I ask that you just help us to turn our eyes to Jesus and just focus more on Him each and every day, especially when we are taking communion. 

We praise you. We bless you. In Jesus’s name. Amen.