This is a story from June and Christina. A story of a miracle in their marriage. Just when, they thought that all hope was gone and their marriage was over and they gave up, God stepped in. And did what God does. A miracle. 

Toby: Welcome back to Renewed and Redeemed, where we share stories of how God has renewed and redeemed everyday people’s lives. We are glad you are listening and hope this episode blesses you. 

Crystal: Today, you’re going to hear a story from June and Christina. A story of a miracle in their marriage. Just when, they thought that all hope was gone. And their marriage was over and they gave up, God stepped in. And did what God does. A miracle. 

Thank you so much for being here today, Christina and June, I am just so blessed to have you on and So excited to hear your story. 

Christina: Thank you for having us. I appreciate it. 

June: Thank you. Thanks for having us. 

Crystal: So tell me a little bit about when you guys first met and the beginning of your marriage. 

Christina: Okay, I’ll start. We met in high school. Well, 15 years ago. Back in 2006, 2007. We met in detention. Although. it’s nothing to be proud of. I walked in and I. I was late coming to school and I walked in and had a serve detention that day and long. I walk in and see some kid right there. And it was just. 

I want you to say love at first sight, because that’s not how it went, but that’s the first time I noticed him. And then after that it was just random times. I will see him. But we didn’t start dating until 2008. 

Crystal: Okay. 

Christina: So we’ve known each other. And the weirdest thing is on my high school graduation. My parents came and there was two open spots or three. It was. Three chairs. 

June: It was actually one open spot. It was one of the spots and I actually got the privilege to sit next to her parents. Her graduation. I didn’t know at the time that was her parents. 

Crystal: wow. That’s so cool. 

Christina: So they all sat together for my high school graduation, which was pretty cool.

Crystal: Yeah. 

Christina: But yeah, we were young and we started dating again in 2008. Immediately, we just had a good time. I wasn’t really fully serving God at that moment. I kind of backslid. I grew up knowing the Lord and when me and June met again and kind of like started dating, he brought me back to Christ. 

So once 2008 came, we started dating. We wind up getting pregnant really quick. I would say, Babe. 

June: And really quick, really fast. Everything. All happened so fast, but. It was the. The right time. To me, it was, everything was perfect. And you know, we. Pretty much started off with, I remember one of our first conversations. 

I asked her. I said, if you go to church, I grew up in church was always around church. And you know, we had our first conversation and that, that was one of my first things that I asked her. So. 

Once we got.

once we started dating, our first thing was that we wanted to get into a church. And. My sister actually brought us to a church where you know, it felt great. It felt. Like home. It felt perfect. It felt perfect. 

Christina: Okay. So, we gave birth to our daughter in 2009 and June was 18. I was 20. ’cause we started serving God all over again, and we knew that. 

We wanted our family to be blessed. We just wanted to feel right with God. And June proposed to me, we wound up getting married at the church. 

I was 21 and he was 19 at that time. So there we are young kids married. Of course I was out my parents’ house. We had our first home. God blessed our marriage and we just served Him. You know, we are we’re young we’re kids still. So just adjusting to that. 

And I’m not sure if anyone heard my testimony before with you, Cris, but I had a son before, so I had my first baby at 14. So my husband’s stepping into the role when he met me as a stepfather to my son. And then being, an amazing father to our daughter. We had our second daughter. We had them back to back really quick, spit them out. So we got three kids now. It was just a lot of responsibility for us, both. So we learned together, we learned in the beginning, we need to communicate with each other. And we’re a team in this. 

Life became overwhelming. We were both full time workers, full time parents as well. And we had our family to help us, but my, my parents own the business at that time. And. It was just a lot of things on us. The pressure of succeeding, I will say the pressure of. Maintaining a household and, and being a good wife and serving God. I wanted to be that Proverbs 31 wife. But I failed a lot. You know, I failed a lot and, it was difficult. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with my husband when I’m working full time and have the kids full time, we kind of neglected each other during that time. 

Crazy because it’s months down the line and I’m like, man, when did we have date night? Or when was it just us? But as two young parents having three kids at, I was 22 years old, 23. He’s younger than me, but the struggle was real. 

The struggle was real. 

And I was tackling on a lot of different responsibilities within the church. I overseen the dance ministry in the church. I was a part of the prayer group. I was a part of so many different things in the church along with. Carrying on with the family, with the husband. So I started to neglect my marriage. There was a lot of times where. Looking at it now at 33 years old. And just seeing how I kind of left my husband behind. There were times that we went to church. I wouldn’t sit with him because I was either doing worship or just in the, in the kids’ ministry. And I kind of neglected him. You want to share?

June: I was more involved with the security team. I was more involved with. At that moment. The church had moved into a new location. So I was more hands-on with building the new stage and things like that. So, I was more than in the background scenes.

Crystal: Right. 

June: You know, so she, you know, she would do her thing and be a part of worship. Part of dance group. And just wherever, the Lord was calling her to be it. She was doing her job. She was doing what the Lord was calling her to do. It was stressful. It was a very stressful at one point, 

Christina: lots of arguing.

June: Yeah. Lots of arguing, lots of misunderstanding. Communication, wasn’t all the way there. 

And throughout this time we’re fully involved with the church and whatnot. The Lord opened the door for us to move to Florida. So we had a tackle on that. He prepared us to come to Florida and whatnot. And when we came to Florida one thing that we tried to do was get involved with a church, similar church back home. We want it to have that same feeling. 

And it was like starting all over again. And we came out here 2013. We thought we had a issues back then. And that’s when like everything came out in Florida. 

 Our marriage needed help. We weren’t communicating as much and if we did communicate, it was just a lot of fighting. We’re stressed. We had a lot of pressure. Within us because you’re coming to a new state. 

You looking for schools for the children, you’re looking for a job and looking for a home and it’s definitely not easy. So whoever’s listening. If you ever want to pick up and leave and do that. Make sure you put a God first. But, more importantly make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page, make sure that you have. Everything in place everything’s is set up. It’s okay. If you don’t know what’s next. , it’s okay. If you don’t understand what’s next. You know, you have 1,000,001 questions. 

If, you feel like you’re lost and all that. It’s okay That’s perfectly normal 

Christina: it was just a lot. We were just understand what God purpose for us over here was. So. Of course we’re out of our honeymoon stage by this point. I mean, we, are dealing with some hardcore attacks. We went through a lot, we went through a lot to the point that couple of years ago we separated. Moved out the house. We were living in separate homes. For about a year and a half a year and a half, we went a solid year without talking. No communication. We went through it all. We were married. We weren’t legally separated. We were going through everything where it’s just like the respect wasn’t there anymore. 

It was rough. Another thing is I’m out here alone. All my family is still in Philadelphia. I don’t have no one to go to. So when we separated, I went down a deep depression and he did as well. But he had his parents and his sister here. Me. I was. I was here alone. 

I was here alone. And there were many times where the enemy tried to creep in and I had a lot of negative thoughts in my mind. I battled with depression. I had suicidal thoughts. I. I’ve had it all. I mean, talk about spiritual warfare when you’re alone and isolated from the world, the devil will definitely use that time to mess with your mind. 

It wasn’t until I remember hearing Pastor Tony Evans on a podcast that there was a message that I felt like God had just gave that to me, like a divine appointment for me. Like that was something that I needed to hear. I decided that from that moment, I was just going to go ahead and, and try to stay connected. 

I, I reached out to you many of times, Crystal. I reached out to just some solid people that I knew that was walking in the Lord to give me some type of clarity and direction. When we were separated, I didn’t realize how much I was living in sin. 

Until you actually told me that I wasn’t living right. And I was in denial. 

what do you mean I’m not living right. 

Crystal: And that was really hard for me to tell you. And I knew you didn’t really want to hear it. But, as your friend, I had to let you know, I mean, I loved you and that’s why I did it. 

Christina: Right. 

Crystal: June. What about you? How are you during this time? You know what was on your mind

June: So at the time when we were separated for me, it was, it was a very, very rough time. Dark time. And it is crazy because it’s not that we can sit here and talk about this because, when her and I split, we pretty much went a year and a half without talking to each other. And we can, like, we couldn’t even be in the same room. Nothing. When I say that the enemy had like such strong hold on us. It was, it was, it was bad. It was horrible. I went through my time, I went through a point where I lost great job because I was so mentally just off. I was off everything. I felt like if I touch it, it will break. It’s it took some time where I needed to realized that this wasn’t going to be a forever thing. It clicked to me that, okay, let’s get off this, this this filling issue and let’s try to make something work. Let’s try to make something great. 

And once you start to feel good about yourself. That’s when I feel as though that everything starts to line up. And God did that. He did that in such a way where I thought that, my wife and I will never speak again. And her and I are in the same room, able to tolerate each other and so forth. 

Like that, you know, so. You know, it, it has to start within you first 

and. A lot of tears, a lot of thoughts, a lot of everything. And one thing I can honestly say is that, as much as I felt that I gave up on God or something, God never gave up on me. He never gave up on my marriage never gave up on my family. When I felt like if I was at the end of the road, 

I still saw the light and that was all possible through God. So I will forever. Forever be grateful for that. 

Crystal: So, if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to do a good job. Loving your neighbor. And that’s kind of what I think you were experiencing here. 

Christina: That’s good. true. I just to piggyback off of what he was just saying. I wind up filing for divorce when we were separated. I tell you, the minute I submitted the paperwork to the court. I reached out to his sister and I was just like, I’ve been non-stop crying. Like I felt like there was a death in the family. At this point, my heart was. Stone. My heart was completely stone. You were mentioned the name of June. I was already ready to attack. But the minute. I turned in my divorce papers. I tell you I was crying. I was distraught. I was having dreams like. I was literally feeling like I was tornmented 

just something wasn’t right. As weird as it sounds and how people can be like, what. You should have never filed for divorce.. It was at that moment where God began began working on our me, on my heart. I started having dreams and I just started praying. I, at that moment, I started praying for him. 

Because I just felt like. When we were separated, I had a lot of bitterness towards him and I was not going to pray for him. As much as I don’t want to, the Lord was pressing him onto my heart. But I served him with divorce papers and he refused to sign it. He refused to sign it. I kept reaching out to the lawyer. Why is he not signing it? And. 

He just kept saying no. He said no, no, no, no, no.

June: It wasn’t, it wasn’t like that. There’s people that when they, when they get the worst. You know, come off fighting to the point where it’s just you on one corner. 

You know, we were like that to a point, but when it came once the divorce part. I calmly just pushed it away. As bad as the sounds now. Listen, I pushed it away like that.

Christina: That still my wife. Addressing me as his wife and I’m like, we’re not together. I was literally like you’re in denial. 

But he would not budge. He would not budge. 

June: It was just something that wasn’t right to me. 

This was the way out. And despite of how long of a break it was you know, I wasn’t going to go ahead and, and give up my family, that fast. I prayed about it. I remember I saw those papers and I just cried and I prayed about it and I continued to pray about it. Pray about it. And even in times when I felt that God wasn’t listening, I was still bringing it up and I’m like, God, please just restore my marriage. 

So my family. I had to be okay with knowing that that was going to take time. 

It wasn’t going to happen overnight. So I had to pray for what you want and if it has. God is going to restore that. And God did that with us.

Christina: Right. 

June: Despite all the, the things that went on within our marriage and the long break that we took. When He finally restored us. It was so worth it, it was, everything was so worth. Everything was, and we actually talked about this the other day, as far as. No. If we had to do it again, would you do it all over? And my answer was absolutely. I would do it all over because at the end of the day, 

My family was back together and they came back. So we came back so much more stronger. Like we are. We are a force. We are definitely. Forced together and you know, it. It was just one of those. Are hard-headed. Thing for me, as far as me not signing. Turned out to be one of the greatest blessings for me. I never, I never signed those papers and I never would. 

Christina: Well, and then during that time of as being separated, I would reach out to you daily or, and we’ll meet up weekly. Once you have someone strongly rooted in the Lord and call you out, like you mentioned, You called me out on it, Cris. It started to click. And I was like, wow. The environment that I truly was in even my work environment was not Godly. 

I didn’t realize how far off the rail I was until someone called me out. I mean June, whenever we did talk or, or something he’s like, you’re, you’re different. You’re changed. You’re different. But I didn’t want to hear that from him. I just felt like it was judgment. And then I know that speaking with you or my mom or his sister, and just hearing that, you’re not the same and you are changing. You know, I’m partying, I’m going out. I started drinking. I was thought I was having fun. I never had that. I was a mom at 14, so I kind of went buck wild. 

But that’s not okay. And what God started to do in me and through me was lay a firm foundation of no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That you’re going to let go. That’s of the world. You’re not of the world. This is not my eternity. My heart shift and I started praying for my husband. And then.

 I started fasting and I just knew that my divorce I, it wasn’t at peace anymore. I, I didn’t feel at peace. I felt like no something wasn’t right. So I called my lawyer. We met up that next day and I told him to dismiss everything take my paperwork close out the motion because when we was going through a divorce, it was involving the child support childcare parenting. 

The whole nine. And I just cold Turkey, withdrew everything. And he was like, are you sure? And. Absolutely. Although I didn’t know what my future will look like, but I knew God was doing something in me. And honestly, It took for my air conditioner to go out. Where I had to stay at my mother-in-law’s house in which June was living at when we were separated. 

And if it wasn’t for our air conditioning breaking down, me and him wouldn’t have had such a vulnerable and raw conversation of what are we doing? 

You know, that’s when we kind of rekindled it and I started to see how he matured and how I matured. And remember if I backtrack everything. We were married as teenagers that he couldn’t do nothing without me. I couldn’t do nothing without him. We’ve relied on each other so much. That it, we didn’t know how to be our own individual person, if that makes sense.

 with budgeting or with making appointments, like we did everything together that when we separated, it was harder for us to find who we were. That I can know my identity my worth, God was speaking to me that. I never heard Him in that way. 

Because I always look at myself as a whole with my husband. I started to look at I’m a daughter of Christ. God became the center. He became number one, not to say that He wasn’t number one in my marriage before, when we were younger. But we got so overwhelmed with everything else that, you know, we neglected us. We neglect prayer time. We neglected us. 

 Now fast track to today. We’ve been together for how many years now? A couple years. And that’s it. I’m married to a different person.

I’m married. So person who learns to communicate now. He’s married. So to me that I’m firm like, no, we’re not gonna watch that. Or we’re not gonna let that come into our marriage and no. We’re not going to be alone with other people. We’re very conscious on what we do now in our marriage. If that makes sense. 

June: One thing I want to say is a. One hard part for me was through out this time was opening up to another male. As much pride as much as, as private as I wanted to be. That was one of the most hardest thing was to go to a fellow brother or to go to your pastor and say, Hey, listen. 

I’m struggling and I don’t even know where to begin. 

Thank God that they never turn their backs on me. They never shut that door on me and I have to give it all to my old pastor. He was like, Hey. Just especial words where you know, you’re not, you’re not wrong for, for fighting for your marriage. You don’t want to. Now, if you do want it, you’re not wrong for fighting. 

And I remember specifically I had went to a retreat where my father. I went to an all men’s retreat. I didn’t want to go to this retreat whatsoever. And I remember that, throughout this time. I’ve I remember this specific retreat weekend. I didn’t want to go because it was the weekend that I had my daughters.. 

And I did not want to go. I’m going to miss my weekend with the girls. And I was just trying to find every excuse. Long story short, I ended up going to the retreat and I had someone come up to me and just minister over my life. They started praying over me, my you. I don’t know. Nobody besides just my dad and probably about, a few handful of people.

I had someone come over, come over me in the middle of you know, of us praying. He just started speaking life and doesn’t know nothing about what’s going on with my life. But I just remember, he was just like, you know, yeah. Your family is going to come back to you in a way that you will never believe it. 

You know, what you’re going through right now is not going to be forever thing. You know, you have to take. You’re kind of, you have to take responsibility for yourself. And, you know, pretty much. You can’t go back. 

To the way that way you once were. And just give me those words of affirmation, just letting me know that, everything is going to be all right. Your wife is getting worked on. Your kids are getting worked on. This is going to be a whole different family. You know, when. 

And when I say you then night. It was just I felt, such peace in my heart. Then when I came back from, when I came back from that retreat. I wanted to share with Christina everything, and that happened, but again, 

We weren’t speaking. So that was, that was just one of those that I had. God. I’m just going to throw this one in the air and you just place it on her heart or. We just go from there, but yeah, it took awhile. It took awhile. , that’s what I want to say. Like, as far as if, if you’re a guy out there and. 

You know, you don’t know, what’s do where to go at. And call on God. Let’s look for the Lord. Look for that church family that is there for you, you know?

They are there to help you. They’re there to kind of point you in the right direction. So I at least try to give you some type of hope and try to give you some type of understanding as well. So, yeah. You know, That’s pretty much. 

Christina: Yes. And again I’m speaking to everyone who’s married. Marriage is not always peaches and cream. Not always happy moments. You are going to have your ups and downs in a marriage. And we we’ve been through the ringer. And there’s one thing that I can honestly say that, God restores God heals. 

That does all, I mean, we were married under God. And one thing for sure. He, he healed me. He healed my husband. He restored us. 

You know, it, wasn’t a nice process that we went through. Of course, for sure, no matter how bad your marriage may seem or how you feel God is not done, God is not done. I mean, if you’re a done. That’s another thing. But God is not finished. He can do anything. He can do a miracle. 

He can turn your tragedy into a testimony. He can turn so much in your marriage. If you, if that’s what you believe, if that’s what you want. 

And I’m telling you. I am telling you, I thank God. And again, we speak about this and, and I’m just blown away how the transformation is within both of us.

Within both of us. It was bad. It was really bad and God restores and God loves. There’s nothing for us in the past. The past is done. And that’s another thing. When we came back to our marriage and decided to work things out, 

We’re not going to talk about the past. We do not, we’re not going to live in the past. We are not going to keep on discussing the past. And that was that was something that I was firm with. And he was firm with. 

Moving forward when we have arguments, we are not bringing up the old you, you are not bringing up the old me. That’s not healthy. That’s not of Is. If God forgave me and you forgive me and you want to work this out. Then we’re going to work it out. You know, God forgave you. I. I forgive you. 

I’m not going to go ahead and, and say, oh, a couple years ago you were this. No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not what we do.

June: You can’t, you can grow from that. If any thing like that will cause more destruction. Like my wife says you know, we still have our, we still have our moments where. there are times where we have you. We have to give each other space and you take your five minutes and go over there. I’ll take my five minutes and I’ll go over here. But one thing that we don’t do and, and I thank God for this. One thing that we don’t do is that we just don’t leave argument or leave a situation on the table without fixing it. We make sure that before we go to bed or something, We try to talk. We made sure that tomorrow we’re not going to wake up discussing this. You know, and you have to give yourself time. And that’s what comes with growth. That’s what comes with this whole process. It just taught me as a husband. Gotta be patient. You have to, understand that. You can, have your wife be this certain type of , this type of person that she would want her to be. It doesn’t work like that. God put her in a position that she’s going to be the type of person that God wants her to be. 

So, It’s definitely, a lot of patience. A lot of communicating prayers, It’s just now we’re a lot more guarded, right? I thank God that now we have, you know, a new, pretty much a new, a vision. 

In our marriage 

that we could, now we could sit here and say, Hey, that’s not for us. And when I say we’re more on the same page now. Then. 

Like there’s times when I can say something and she’ll just finish it off or she’ll say something and I’m like, Hey, I was just thinking that, 

and it’s. It’s all brought to you by God. 

No God. Yeah, God definitely. Is the leader of this foundation. He’s the root of everything. He’s a root of, of. Why we’re here. 

Christina: We pray for each other. And that’s another thing. We cover each other in prayer.

Crystal: One of the things that you guys did that I just thought was, So beautiful as a family. Was when you got back together or you all got baptized? And I thought it was just such a beautiful picture of you guys dying with Christ, like all your stuff that had happened, all your hurts, pain, anger, all of that. You just buried it down with Christ and then you rose back up like together as a as a new family and i just i loved that 

Christina: Amen. Thank you. 

June: There’s a. You know, we can go on and on to sum it. When my wife and I got back together and we were able to, Be in the same room and we got understandings of each other and we just understood the whole situation that it wasn’t, we didn’t want to be without each other. You know, God restored it. And like she said, it wasn’t easy. And that’s when things started to open up. She’s blessed with a beautiful career. I’m blessed with a beautiful career. our children , are happy. And they talk and they just let us know how, what they feel and. It Transformed everything for Yeah, it transformed everything for us to the point where, we sit back and we can honestly say like, thank God that we made it out. Those slums, because. That’s exactly what it is. 

You’re in the slums, In the worst part of life, when you feel like you don’t know if there’s going to be a tomorrow. So the fact that He took us out from there and just gave us some type of, life in our marriage. Oh man. It’s it’s amazing. 

Crystal: Will, you guys pray for the people out there that are listening and maybe struggling with their marriage or separated, and they don’t know what to do or what to believe. Could you just pray over them?

Christina: Yeah, definitely. Sure. You want me to pray? Sure. Okay. Father God, I just thank you for this time. Lord. And I just pray that whoever’s listening to this podcast. Father God that you will speak to them, Lord. Whether their situation is. Similar to ours. Whether they’re separated from their spouse or they’re in the process of filing a divorce, or even if the paperwork went through. 

Lord, you are not done. You are not done. Your hand is still in the midst of it. Lord. So I just pray right now that whoever’s listening to that. They’ll just be. Filled with hope. Father God. And they’ll just continue to pray and know that you are the ultimate God. Lord you are the one to restore, to heal, to soften someone’s heart. 

And I pray for that other spouse, whether they’re in a good place or not. You just speak to them and let them know that. Lord, you are for them. That they’re not forgotten. They’re not, not loved or that you love us all. No matter what we did. No matter how big the sin is, no matter how big. 

The shame is you don’t look at us like that. Lord, you don’t look at us like that. You won’t look at that person like that. They are your child. So I just rebuke shame, Lord. I rebuke the enemy. The lies that the enemy has giving someone Lord. I just pray they will get just press on you and just follow your voice.

It’s okay to not be okay. And you’re not alone. Lord. I just pray for the many nights that someone is feeling alone or confused or that you’re with them and they will call on your name. Just saying the name of Jesus brings so much power. Father God and just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I don’t know what you’re doing in my life right now, but I give it to you. 

You died on the cross for me Lord. And I just speak that into everyone who’s listening or no matter what it looks like. No matter how bad, no matter what people say, no matter, no, you say that we are forgiven. You say that we are a child of God. You say that mighty wonders will come. You say that healing would take place. 

You say you died on a cross for us and you left us your Holy Spirit that comes with power. And I just pray that whoever’s listening that they will just know their worth. They will know that they can stomp on an enemy and it’s under their feet and no weapon formed against us. Shall. Prosper and I just speak like. I speak life and I prayed all these things by the God in Jesus’ name, Lord. Amen. 

Crystal: God does not promise us an easy life, but He does promise us an abundant life. And He does promise us that He will redeem and restore those things that we give to Him that are broken and seem like they’re dead. He breaths into dry bones and makes them come back to life. And that’s what we heard Him do in this testimony from June and Christina. He breathed into a marriage that seemed dead. That seemed hopeless. That seemed like it was over. 

But when June and Christina finally just turned their eyes to Him and gave over all the problems and hurts and situations that were going on to Him, He breathed into that marriage and into that family and restored them. And not just to where they were before, because that’s not our God. He restored them to even better because He does exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask for. And that is our God. Friend. Maybe you’re in a situation today that just seems like is dead. It’s over and there’s just nothing else. There’s nothing else you can do. And you’re absolutely right. There is nothing else that you can do except to give it over to God. And then, He can make dead things, come back to life. 

So I encourage you, Friend. Give it over to Him. Handover the problem, the situation, the dead end street. Hand over to Him and let Him do His miracle working power. Let Him renew . But Him redeem it. Let Him breathe life back into it. 

If you need prayer. Or you would like to reach out and talk to June and Christina. Just reach out to And I’d be happy to pray with you or forward you over to June and Christina. Be blessed.