Have you even felt like something was too small or unimportant to bring to God? Here is a story that shows us that God hears and cares about even the little things. Nothing is insignificant to our Father. 

This is episode 27. I think season two is off to a great start. The last couple episodes have been kind of heavy though. So, I thought I’d share something fun and a little more lighthearted, even though the message behind it still packs a powerful punch. 

Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite God stories of all times. Just a short little one, but it just packs such a powerful punch in even in just the brevity of it. So, I used to be involved with a homeless ministry with a friend. 

We would go down to the downtown area. And just love on the street people there. Bring them Bibles and bananas and water and pray with them and share scripture with them. 

I used to really just enjoy it. We saw a lot of healings and salvations and just some amazing things. The only thing that I didn’t really love about it was that it was early in the morning. I’m not an early morning person. 

So, one morning I was headed a down there and I was drinking my coffee. And as I was about to arrive, I realized that I forgot my gum. And I had massive coffee breath and you know, a lot of times I’m leaning in and praying for these people. And I just could imagine them being kind of. 

A little disgusted by my coffee breath. So. As I’m searching frantically for my gum, and I can’t find it. I’m just like, okay, God. Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to make the people not smell my breath and, just kind of, complaining to Him really about the, my lack of gum to cover my coffee breath to the street people. 

And so, I, I unpack all the stuff and I’m waiting for my friend to arrive. And I’m standing on the sidewalk with all my stuff at my hands. And I, as I see her pulling up. All of a sudden. This well-dressed man walks by. Like, he just like I turned and then there he was, and he totally didn’t fit in with the area. 

We were in the middle of like a street person camp. Like there was not a lot of other people there at that moment, it was just where a lot of the street people slept and just hung out during the day. And there just wasn’t a lot of people, especially well-dressed ones in suits that were in that area or walking by. 

So that kind of took me off guard. And as he gets to me, he holds out his hand and he says, “do you want a piece of gum?” I mean, you could have just blown me over at that point. It was the same gum. Brand and type that I was looking for in my car that I thought that I had in my purse that I had forgotten. 

I was just flabbergasted. I couldn’t even respond. I was like, no, no, thank you. Like, I couldn’t even get it out. I was stammering. 

I was just in awe. I knew God sent that guy there. If it was even a guy. To offer me that. And then like, I turned to look at my friend to be like, are you seeing this? Cause she was getting out of her car. And then like I looked back, and I just didn’t even see the guy anymore. It was like he had walked off or he just wasn’t in my view anymore. 

It was just so crazy. And, you know, really can be like, okay. Yeah, that’s a cool story. But how does that relate to God? Renewing or redeeming you. Friends. Like He totally renewed my mind to the fact that He hears. All of our prayers, like even a little cries of like, I can’t find my gum. And I don’t want people to smell my breath. 

Like He hears and cares about all of them. Still, whenever I think about it, it still blows my mind that He took the time just to teach me that little lesson from a stick of gum. He knows. And He responds and the appropriate time and in the appropriate way. Totally. A great reminder for myself. And I hope for you that He hears you. 

He hears you. And He cares even about the tiny things. 

 A lot of people when you approach them on the street or, wherever in the marketplace. A lot of times, one of the responses is like, oh no, I’m good. You don’t need to pray for me. Like you got to pray for Sally because she’s got cancer. God doesn’t need to be busy with my stuff that’s not that important. 

And that just always just hurts my heart. Because that’s not our God, that’s not our Father. He cares about the little stuff. Just as much as He cares about Sally’s cancer. And He hears all of our cries, and He will answer us. 

In light of that little story. 

What have you been holding back? Is there something that you just really want to cry out to God about? You think that maybe He was too busy, or He didn’t hear you? Or He doesn’t care or it’s not important. That’s a lie, Friend. That’s a lie. He does hear you. He does care. It is important. Just talk to him. 

Lament to Him like I was. Don’t feel like. Anything is not important to Him. He cares about every detail of your life. 

First Peter five seven says. 

“Cast all your cares upon Him for, He cares for you.”

Notice the word all. Cast. All your cares upon Him. That means even the little things. That is the big things. That includes, well, everything. 

God, I thank you for your attention and care to every little detail in our lives. I thank you that you hear our cries. I thank you that you answer us. God, I just ask that today, if there’s someone out there listening that is Feeling unsure about whether they should come to you about something or whether that it’s too small of a detail You might not care. God, I ask that you to speak to them clearly just move their hearts, let them know your love. Let them know your attention, let them know your affection. God. Let them just feel your presence. Lord, I ask that they just call out to you. And that they will see, you will answer them. I just thank you for the goodness in my own life. And I ask that you just help all of us just to open our eyes to your goodness in our every day. Lives every little detail. God, you are working in. You are doing a move and God just opened our eyes to see it. We just love you God. We praise you. In your name, amen.