I am a daughter of the Most High, Most Powerful, and Most Loving God. He is my life and is the One who gave me life. I am also blessed to be a wife and mother.

I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus into my life at a young age. For years, I loved Jesus and even wanted to be a missionary. Sadly, I didn’t know God’s love and grace. I knew I was saved by His grace, but thought after salvation I had to work really hard at being perfect in order to get to heaven. Eventually, I gave up- frustrated, disillusioned, and really hurt. I hated church and everything that went with it. I tried to fill this empty hole in my life with many things, none which were helpful or healthy. I ran away from God… or so I thought…

Many years later, I strongly started to feel the pull of the Holy Spirit on my heart. I tried to fight it, but He never gave up. I actually got angry when people tried to talk about the Bible or God. A close friend asked me to tour a private Christian school with her and I agreed. When we walked into the chapel area, that looked similar to the chapel I went to in school, I had pains shoot through my chest and arm. I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up at the emergency room. I believe this panic was brought on by my stubbornness at knowing that I needed to be the prodigal daughter coming back to my Father, but being too scared to actually do it.

This friend ended up enrolling her children at this school and then decided that she would attend the church where many of the students went. Once again, she asked me to come with her. I said no, many, many times but she didn’t give up. Finally, while in a deep depression looking for a way out, I agreed to go with her. I was desperate for change! I went to church and heard the strangest thing. God was not mad at me. What? How could this be? I thought He must be really angry at all the horrible stuff I had done with my life. I decided to finally give up my pain, anger, and running and give my life over to God.

This has been the best and most exciting decision I have ever made. My family wasn’t so convinced this was so, but over time the Lord has worked miracles and brought my husband and children to Him, too. He is so good! I am consumed by Him and want nothing else than to be like Him. I want to set the world on fire, like He has done to my heart.