Good News!

I’ve got some absolutely great news to share with you!

If you are sad or happy, hurting or doing well, struggling or excelling, searching or not even looking- I have something or rather some ONE who will give you PEACE and REST and JOY and never ending LOVE. He LOVES you SO MUCH! Plus, He also gives us eternal life and the ability to reside with Him in heaven for all eternity!

His name is Jesus.
He came to earth, born of a virgin, and lived a perfect, sinless life.
Throughout His life, Jesus revealed the will of His Father and healed and set people free.
He died on the cross and by His shed blood, and because of what He did, we have healing, freedom, and forgiveness of sin.
Three days later, Jesus was resurrected from the grave allowing us to obtain right standing with our Heavenly Father.

To obtain this awesome free gift and have peace, joy, rest and love and so much more, all you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of God who raised from the dead and decide to make Him the Lord of your life, then freely receive these things. You also can pray, “Jesus, I accept you as my Savior and Lord. I am a sinner, but I believe you died on the cross and God raised you from the grave so that I might be justified before Him. I thank you for this free gift of salvation!”

If you took these steps, congratulations! You are now perfect in your spirit and a Son or Daughter of God! You are a new creation in Christ! I would like to pray for you and rejoice with you, if you made this decision today. Plus, I would like to help you understand how to experience this peace, love, rest and joy in your new life in Christ. Please contact me and share this news.